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Exciting new opportunity!

I am looking for people who are serious about losing weight to take part in a trial for my new weight loss product, as a thank you, you will receive the programme at a vastly reduced rate. End diets forever, learn the better, healthier, more sustainable way of losing weight for good!

Group and individual sessions will commence shortly – don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity and join the growing number of people who are already transforming their bodies – we’ve had some fantastic weight loss successes !

Losing weight and having the ideal body shape is something that a lot of client’s desire. Unfortunately, weight loss and management of that loss is too often tied up with our emotions for haven’t we all turned to chocolate when stressed or stated that we MUST go for a meal to celebrate a success or even stopped eating when worried. It seems that whichever way we turn, society and our culture have inextricably linked food with emotion.

Often the best approach is not a sticking plaster approach of a new diet but rather identifying and resolving the underlying issues why you lose weight and put it back on. Looking at the underlying issues puts an end to the yo-yo diet mentality, the soul-destroying feeling of giving up because “it just hasn’t worked AGAIN”, the self-loathing of bodies and shapes and the false hope that this time, things will be different.

Of course, there are different types of dieters but most of the clients I see fall into the “seen it, done it and bought the t-shirt area”.

I aim to treat the cause not the symptom of being overweight, I aim to look at the reasons clients need the excess food and what options are open for them to address these reasons, clients can then make an informed choice about weight loss, once you feel you understand why you are behaving the way you do then you are often able to report that weight simply isn’t the huge issue it was, it is simply something in your life that potentially needs addressing, it is no longer the be all and end all of your life and puts an end to the “I feel food controls my life or I am forever on a diet” comments.

I’m looking for people serious about losing weight that want to enrol on my new programme at a reduced rate, use the contact form to find out more.

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