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Recording at West Notts College

9 March 2016 - Really excited to have spent the morning professionally recording the cd's I give out to my clients. Rob at West Notts College made me feel really welcome. it was a bit daunting being in a real live recording studio but I soon got the hang of it, I pitied poor Rob who had to listen his way through 3 hours of relaxation, weight loss, dental phobia, anxiety and stress relief recordings. I reckon he must be the most chilled out person in the college today !

I can't thank Phil enough for organising this and I am absolutely delighted to give the students the work experience opportunity of working with a client.

Going that extra mile

This week I had occasion to have a new tyre fitted, nothing remarkable about that (apart from the price!) you may think however that small incident reminded me about how good it feels when people demonstrate to you that they are prepared to go that bit further to make you feel special.

A few days previously I called into the garage to discuss my tyre, I knew I needed one new one and was really praying that the mechanic didn't make that sort of worrying noise, shake his head and say "this isn't looking good, you could do with another couple of tyres on here".

Getting back in touch with what you love doing the most

I was recently lucky enough to spend a weekend in the Lake District, it was a last minute decision to go and even though it was a bit hectic trying to get everything ready at the last minute, it was well worth it in the end.

The weather was good and being February there were not too many tourists around, always a bonus in an area that gets 15 million visitors a year!.

It was a perfect opportunity to recharge our batteries and switch off from our day to day jobs and demands. Getting out and about in the UK is something I love doing and is certainly on my top 5 list of things to do, years ago I completed a values exercise and at the time I wondered why I hadn't had a mini break for a long time, I soon rectified that !

Spring is on its way

Today found me out and about doing general marketing in Worksop, it was an absolutely lovely day, the sun was shining pretty much the entire time I was walking around. It felt really good to feel the warmth of the sun, I saw a couple of people sitting outside a café having coffee and clearly enjoying the almost spring like feel of the weather. It reminded me once again that Spring is my favourite season.
It is the season of new growth, new hope and new starts. Every year, plants , trees and flowers begin to push through to start their new cycle of growth, it made me think, what are you going to do this Spring to grow?
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